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At Fallsgrove Park Dental in Rockville, Maryland, family dentistry means you and your family have access to personalized dental care. Ella DerMinassian, DDS, treats patients of all ages, providing high-quality dental services, from teeth straightening to crowns, bridges, cleanings, and preventive care. Book you or your loved one’s appointment by clicking the online booking tool or calling Fallsgrove Park Dental. We also service the nearby areas of Gaithersburg, and North Potomac, MD.

Family Dentistry Q & A

What is family dentistry?

Family dentistry is for the whole family, including infants and children, teens, adults, and geriatric patients. Dr. DerMinassian has extensive experience with all phases of dentistry, including working with children.

What family dentistry treatments are available?

Fallsgrove Park Dental provides a spectrum of personalized dental treatments and services for the whole family, including cleanings, checkups, bridges, crowns, and fillings.

Preventive care

Preventive care incorporates cleanings, exams, and education. Dr. DerMinassian takes time to teach you how to optimize and protect your dental health and wellness.


Regular checkups are important for the whole family to help you and your child stay on top of your dental health and get access to education and quality preventive dental care. During your checkup, you will have a teeth cleaning and a comprehensive evaluation with Dr. DerMinassian. She might suggest you have X-rays performed.


Professional dental cleanings are a great way to protect you and your child’s dental health. During your teeth cleaning, Dr. DerMinassian can clean areas that might be difficult to reach with your at-home teeth routine.

Space maintainers and stainless steel crowns

A space maintainer is a dental appliance that’s custom-made in a metal or acrylic material. A space maintainer is fixed in your child’s mouth to keep the space open to allow a permanent tooth to come into place. Dr. D might also fit your child for a stainless steel crown to prevent future decay.


Fillings are specially designed to fill a hole in your tooth, usually after Dr. DerMinassian has removed tooth decay. Dental fillings can support and restore your tooth structure, and fill a cavity.


Dentures are a natural-looking option to replace missing adult teeth. Fallsgrove Park Dental can fit you with dentures and help you get used to wearing and caring for them. Advances in dental technology have made dentures more comfortable than ever before. 

Why should children visit the dentist?

Your children’s mouths will be healthier throughout their lives if they see a dentist as early as possible and become proactive with their dental health. The American Dental Association and The American Academy of Pediatrics both recommend children see a pediatric dentist like Dr. DerMinassian after their first tooth comes in or when they turn one.

Because Dr. DerMinassian has extensive experience as a childrens dentist working with high-anxiety patients, you can rest assured that she will take special care to ensure your child feels safe and comfortable during all check-ups and treatments.

For exceptional dental care for the whole family, visit Fallsgrove Park Dental and schedule online or call today.